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Top 5 Countries for Outsourcing in 2021

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Outsourcing a company’s software development has not only become a new trend but a proven strategy for cost optimization. Around 75% of companies outsource their IT needs at lower rates than they would have with an in-house team. Finding qualified individuals that can take care of your business needs can be a perfect match for any business, even a new start-up project. So what are the best countries for outsourcing in 2021?

Eastern Europe’s Ukraine

With vast educational opportunities available and more and more and more IT specialists graduating from universities and private schools each year, Ukraine has become the go-to place for outsourcing work and one of the best top software outsourcing countries, especially for web and software development. There is a vast pool of talent that goes unnoticed in Ukraine.

In fact, Ukraine is not only the home of many web and software developers that are ready to work, but it is also the home of many global tech companies like Grammarly. Because of that, some of the industry-leading companies like Google, Samsung, Apple, Siemens, and Magento have found their employees and set up their R&D centers in Ukraine.

Ukraine has a lot of specialists that dominate the global software outsourcing market in the fields of web and mobile development, machine learning, AI, and blockchain technologies, with the most popular programming languages being C++, PHP, Java, and Ruby. Their prices range between $25 and $50, depending on their level. For any type of IT outsourcing, Ukraine is the best choice you can make.

Central Europe’s Poland

Just like Ukraine, there is a lot of great potentials to be found in Poland. In recent years, IT education has been in high demand, and Poland has become one of the world’s leaders in the IT industry. According to the outsourcing statistics done by HackerRank, Poland has become the third location with the biggest number of experienced in-depth programmers in the world.

Because of its status as one of the top countries in the software industry, it has attracted a lot of companies to seek new talent here. Their IT market has generated a worth of over 9 billion dollars, with over 60,700 active software development companies. And for that same reason, it has become one of the top software outsourcing countries.

Their command of English is excellent, with more than 30% of the country’s population using English as their second language, which is one of the reasons why most US companies choose Poland as their outsourcing destination. However, due to their higher status, Poland developers will charge more than their Ukrainian colleagues, with their prices ranging between $30-55 per hour.

South America’ Argentina

By investing in their schooling system and offering plenty of free education opportunities, Argentina has secured its place in this outsourcing ranking by country. Combine their schooling system with the fact that around 70% of students combine their study with practical work in the form of internships and jobs, you can see why Argentina has a vast pool of talent to look through. You can find experienced specialists in the fields of software and mobile development, DevOps engineering, and cloud computing. You can get an expert in these fields for an average hourly rate between $30 and $50.

Asia’s India

When it comes to any software development country ranking, India will always be present. Due to historical circumstances, India has nurtured the western approach to education, which has made it more accessible for outsourcing work. Although there is a high level of illiteracy, there is a growing development of technology, with more and more people choosing math-associated studies.

The country ranked as the foremost digital nation in Tholons’ 2020 Global Innovation Country Index with the number of outsourced work growing day by day. You can find a wide range of specialists with tech skills in the fields of app development initiatives, blockchain technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and open-source projects. The usual price for any IT service in India will cost you between $18 and $40 per hour.

Asia’s Philippines

Along with India, the Philippines have a special spot in this outsourcing ranking by country. Even though it has been hit hard by the pandemic, the Philipines have continued in their long history of a high percentage of outsourced work. A growing freelancer market is appealing to many employers, making the country one of the top choices for outsourcing work. The country ranks 6th in the Tholons index and offers low cost to any service a company might need. You can outsource your software development for an hourly rate between $18 and $40 and get high results for less time than you usually would.

Which Country Should You Choose for Outsourcing Your Work?

The active COVID pandemic has thrown many industries in for a loop, forcing a lot of companies to go remote and look toward outsourcing as their primary source of talent. Finding the best country for outsourcing your business needs depends on your personal preference and the type of work you need, but one thing is for sure – by outsourcing work, you can cut costs on your project and make better investments.


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