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List of Top 5 Free Fire Best Characters in July 2022

Amar Roy
Amar Roy
An enthusiastic gamer who enjoys writing about games and playing BR genre games.

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Free Fire best characters in July 2022: Characters in Free Fire are crucial since they provide the player with a specific advantage on the battlefield. Players can equip any four of their preferred skills (one active and three passive) in a combination, and every character (with the exception of Nulla and Primis) has a unique ability. The game now has 45 characters available, and as new ones are often added through events, the number keeps growing.

Moreover, the addition of a new character may lead to a change in the game meta, even in competitive tournaments. So, it becomes important to be with the trend, learn to use new characters, and get the best combinations with them. Players have questioned if Homer, a new character just added to Free Fire, is a decent character to equip. Therefore, we’ll rank the top 5 Free Fire characters in this post as of July 2022.

Top 5 Free Fire best characters in July 2022


After the Chrono nerf in the most recent OB update, Skyler has emerged as one of the most frequently used characters. He has an active skill called “Riptide Rhythm.” At its very initial level, it can damage 5 Gloo walls in a row with the release of a sonic wave within a 50-meter range. It has a cooldown time of 85 seconds and the effect does not stack. It is the first character in the list of Free Fire best characters in July 2022.

DJ Alok

In the history of Free Fire, Alok has always been the most well-liked character, and he was one of the first characters to actively play the game. It is the second character in the list of top 5 Free Fire best characters in July 2022. Drop the Beat is an active talent he possesses. At its most basic level, it immediately surrounds the user in a 5-meter aura and begins to restore 5 HP every second for 5 seconds.


As one of Free Fire’s undervalued characters, Steffie’s abilities have seen a significant shift as a result of the OB update. She establishes a 4-meter zone around the user and their teammates that are resistant to throwable damage at level 1. After Alok, it is among the Free Fire best characters in July 2022. Additionally, it will increase armor durability by 10% per second and reduce ammunition damage by 10% with an 85-second cooldown.


It is the newest character in the game and has a standout ability. Homer’s ability to “Sense Shockwave” is now activated. At its most basic level, it launches a drone upon activation that travels 100 meters in front of the nearest adversary and deals 25 damage. Homer is the new addition to the list of Free Fire best characters in July 2022. It also creates a 5-meter pulse explosion that slows movement and fire speed by 10%. The impact, though, only lasts for five seconds.


The increased movement speed ability was taken away once Chrono was nerfed, and many Chrono users switched to another character. Yet after the nerf, Chrono is among the top 5 Free Fire best characters in July 2022. In battles, it is still a strong defensive character. When used, it generates an unbreakable force barrier with a cooldown of 160 seconds that lasts for 4 seconds and blocks 800 damage.


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