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Top 5 VR games for experiencing the immersive gaming thrill

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Virtual reality has come down several decades, with stutters and stops along the way. But as technology has advanced, so has the game. Apparently, VR is here to stay, and we can take the fun into the realms of the game. We have several developers who have taken the hardware and VR tech above the bar.

From Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive or Samsung, Google, and Sony, the array of options goes on. With all these options around, the urge to immersing yourself into a virtual reality world becomes too tempting. Not to worry, we have the top five best VR games for you.

All these headsets come in handy. Now, all it takes is getting your favorite VR game and hitting the frontiers. The first and most crucial step, however, is learning How to Setup VR Headset for Your Device before getting things started. All said and done, it’s time to dive deep into the top 5 virtual reality games around. So, buckle up; this might be a bumpy ride into some of the most vicious territories.

Robo Recall

Let get the countdown started with this action-packed feat. You may call it the Oculus Rift exclusive. This game comes in as one of the top-of-the-line experiences you can have in the virtual reality world. The setting is a futuristic world full of robots.

Everything is fine, until AI loses it after discovering the internet, and takes everything down with it. In this half-comical game, you have your work cut out for you. The mission is simple, “recall” every malfunctioning robot out there. On the other end, you will come across robots that are going on the offensive, and you have to neutralize them. Not to worry though, you have a state-of-the-art arsenal on your side. And with the ability to teleport as well as slow time, you can make the most out of your creativity to overcome.

Robo Recall

Nothing quite beats the fun of using a robot as your human shield, while you go on the attack with your other hand. Throw your gun at them, and just as it bounces off your nemesis’ face, retrieve it and take them out. We cannot stress enough that you need to prepare for a slightly intensive action here. But one thing remains certain, this virtual reality game remains comfortable and fun all the way. Do you have problems with motion sickness when playing VR games? Not to worry, this one is for you.

Beat Saber

Here comes yet another cool VR game that packs in quite some action too. And if you love music, then you have something to catch right here. This is where Dance Dance Revolution and Star Wars converge. And Guitar Hero and Tron meet here too, well, all in the virtual reality of course.

The game is not so old in the market, but it has yet seen impressive reception with positive reviews from players. It is in its early access for HTC Vive users, the same also goes for several other headsets. These include Windows Mixed Reality devices as well as Oculus Rift.

Beat Saber

So what is it all about? Well, the Beat Saber is a completely new rhythm where you can slash around glowing sabers. You will have a musical track guiding you, so you can keep up with the tune while playing along. You will have to cut particular colored blocks from a number of directions. But there will be some obstacles to avoid too.

Looking to get into the action with some impressive music? Then you really need to go ahead and try this game. What can possibly beat the fan of jamming out a bit of music while taking on the challenge? Chop some blocks as you break a little sweat.

Eve; Valkyrie

Eve Valkyrie

This virtual reality dogfighting challenge packs in everything you would look for in a sensational VR gaming. It has everything to show for CCP Games’ hype. It has been one of the leading beginners to step into the world of virtual reality. And CCP Games offers some of the most intriguing VR games around, and this one will show you why. From the moment you take charge of the cockpit, you fly right off into a fully realized world.

Eve Valkyrie largely hinges on the EVE online universe of New Eden. But this game doesn’t base on the core game’s strategy. Instead, it takes you down a revenge mission, putting you on a collision course with an evil corporation. But there’s a catch, you still have numerous customizable and heavily armed spacecraft. Although this is single-player combat, you still have the arsenal to take you through the hostile path amidst enemy ships. But if you don’t want to go it all by yourself, you have an option. You can get the best out of the opportunity of its cooperative gameplay, where you can team up with other players. Work together with up to five players, build an army to reckon with and tackle enemies together.

The climb

Are you afraid of heights? This is the game to test your limits. And if you like height challenges, then you have met your match. This virtual reality game has what it takes to relieve you of the fear of heights. But it can send you down a frenzied spiral too. Imagine clinging on rocks hundreds of feet above the ground, or taking on death-defying heights. This game is built on real mountain ranges in Europe, North America as well as Asia. So you can have a feel of actually being out there. And what better way to hone your skills than on the virtual reality before tackling the real terrain. That is the Climb for you; this solo rock climbing undertaking will push you to the edge.

The ClimbHover Junkers

The Hover Junkers might be the last in our top 5 ranking, but it’s not any bit the least. There’s nothing as enthralling as working together and cutting the competition down to size. This game will put your folks and you right at the frontline with these flying combat junk ships. One of those is spacious enough to take in up to eight players at once.

The setting is a post-apocalyptic world. Man and machine (robots) are fighting over barren wastelands of the desert.

They two sides rage war in hovering junk ships in a fast and vicious shootout fighting. You will have a sufficient supply of armory at your disposal. But your hands can come in handy for defense too. Remember, these junk ships can approach from every side, so keep an eye out and stay on the move.

You will also need to duck attacks from all ends and return fire to every direction as well. If you want to stay on the frontline, you have to be keen and ready to take the war to them. And the multiplayer setting, as well as several game modes, takes the fun to a completely new level. Have you tried the room-scale touch of the Viva experience yet? Well, you can have an idea what this game has to offer.

Hover Junkers

Any of the games in this top 5 list packs is enough action to blow you away. Virtual reality always offers something to reckon with. Whether you are taking it on alone or going for a group fight, this game will get you there. So all it takes is deciding which challenge is best for your interests. Then go for it and satisfy your curiosity and yearning for action. These games have what it takes to immerse you and see you lose yourself in action. So strap in, and go for it, the action never stops!


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