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Top AR and VR Technology Trends Marking the Uprise in the Future

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The last year that is 2019 marked the uprising of AR and VR technology. New developments were made around the world and AR and VR were augmented with different tech. From, web development to the gaming industry, virtual reality and augmented reality have made their way to almost every industry there.

However, the question is, what does 2020 holds for AR and VR?  

Although, it’s a bit obvious that AR and VR is a new technology and is not going anywhere anytime soon. On the contrary, the AR and VR market is expanding day by day, with new augmented and leading virtual reality agencies, coming into existence.

It won’t be long that AR and VR turn into a separate industry-dominating most of the other IT industries. So, it is important for you to be aware of the new trends and developments in AR and VR technology. And so here are the top AR and VR trends for the year 2020.  

Industrial applications  

Most people who have experienced AR and VR are most likely to be in any AR and VR augmented game. Gaming and entertainment, for now, hold the most AR and VR applications in the market. However, things are not going to be the same in the coming year, even for the gaming and entertainment industry.  

A 2020 XR industry survey reported that in the upcoming year VR intelligence predicted that a virtual reality agency is working on developing new and practical AR and VR applications. While the other 37 percent are working to develop consumer-based products, services, and software.  

Although the gaming industry is also making progress, the myth that AR and VR tech is limited to gaming and entertainment will most likely be severed in the upcoming year. AR and VR have shown high potential in creating simulation environments for different tasks.

This could be used for training both human beings and AI-powered machines and then deploying them directly to the industries, decreasing human labor and effort.  

AR/VR in healthcare  

Like we said before, AR and VR both have shown high potential in simulation real-world environments. These environments are extremely safe and can be used for training professionals.

As such, there has been quite a lot of development in AR and VR applications in the medical sector. Usually training a human professional on a living being is a lot dangerous than it seems. Which is why a lot of research is being done in the AR and VR sector for improving medical services.  

VR has already been adopted in treating people with phobias and anxiety problems, apart from this. It is also used to give medical students a better perspective of how surgeries are done.

This helps the therapist and students get a better understanding of the patient reactions and at the same time monitoring their heart rates, blood pressure, perspiration, etc. All of these help them in improving the current medical facilities. Apart from this, a number of research institutes are working to improve AR and VR implementations in the healthcare sectors.  

Compact hardware 

One of the biggest issues with AR and VR technology is the unavailability of proper compact and economical hardware. There are not too many companies, that are actually producing hardware that can be used by a number of users. Other advanced hardware for AR and VR is limited to a specific task.

However, the upcoming shows promise of lifting this limitation and delivering hardware that can be called general-purpose AR and VR hardware. There have been improvements over time such as Facebook releasing the self-contained Oculus, which previously needed to be plugged into a computer.  

Apart from this many smartphone companies are working to create headset hardware that is compatible with mobile phones and can generate a high level of graphics needed for simulating new virtual worlds. In the year 2020, many companies are claiming to deliver AR, VR hardware that could most likely be a breakthrough towards high-grade AR and VR hardware. Apple is also working on developing an 8K combined AR/VR classes.  

Fast network  

Well, all things said virtual and augmented reality is really cool. However, as mentioned before the headset is quite a problem as it is very bulky. Apart from this, this headset is generally dependent on a computer or a smartphone, making the bulkier device bulkier. The reason behind such a heavy headset is a large number of computations needed to do for producing a high level of graphics.  

However, the processing part can actually be separated from the headset, by using a high-speed network. A superfast network can provide real-time computations from a server which can actually be a thousand times bulkier than our headset for all we care.

The prime example, for this type of model, is Google’s gaming network called Stadia. It is a server-based gaming platform, which actually does not rely on the machine the gaming is running on for computation purposes.  

The only thing, that’s stopping the developers and researchers from archiving this is the network speed which seems to be solved with the help of a 5G network which will provide a data transfer rate of up to 3 gigabytes per second.


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