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Top Local SEO Strategies for Multiple Locations

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Local SEO is straightforward for a small business with one location. You simply need to include your name, address, phone number, and website in the same format on the website and every business directory that mentions your business. But what do you do when you have several locations? This confuses search engines and hurts your local SEO unless you have a good strategy to deal with it.

Here are the top local SEO strategies for multiple locations.

Create separate identities for each location

One way you can do this is to craft a separate identity as well as a local SEO strategy for each location. For example, you could have a website with local SEO for a location in Ashfield and a separate one for your Melville location.

The suburb name would be included in the business name in business directories, the webpage for the store, and the location-based SEO.

If you are fortunate enough to have dozens of locations, city or suburb-based SEO may not be an option. A potential solution is having a numbering system for your store. When someone does a search for your store, stores 123, 456, and 789 show up in the search results. You have to have good, strict local SEO for each location. Keep the lists of stores up to date in business directories.

The unique identities for each location should be built into the very structure of your website. This doesn’t mean you need to set up multiple domains. Instead, have the main homepage and separate subdomains for each store. You’ll get extra points if your subdomains are so logical that someone can change the suburb name in the URL and land on the right store’s home page.

This has the benefit of giving every business directory entry a unique URL that tells search engines it is a unique store location. Don’t forget to give each business its own phone number. That forces search engines to see them as separate entities.

Create content for each location

You need to create content for each store that is unique to it. Location-based references for each store needs to be hyper-local. Tell them where free parking is located near the store. Tell them which bus or train routes take them to that location. Discuss what landmarks are nearby that pedestrians can use to find you.

This information is unique for each location and is valuable information they’ll want to read. You can create write-ups about managers and assistant managers, but that is not as important as value-added content-heavy in location references.

Collect reviews for each location separately. This doesn’t just help search engines distinguish between locations. It allows customers to pick a better store over a worse performer while you still get their business. It also prevents bad reviews for one store from killing your reputation with customers in the surrounding area.

Invest extra time in your business directory entries

We’ve already mentioned the need to create separate online identities for your business locations in various business directories. When you have multiple locations, you need to invest more time in making these correct and unique entries. For example, the name, address, phone number, and website URL must all be correct and match the format for every other business directory referencing that location

Note that this means you need to check every business directory and an online phone book that references your stores, not just upload everything to Google My Business. If this is too much work, hire an SEO Perth expert to do it for you.

Ensure that the business directory entries have information about what makes that store unique. Does it offer additional services that others don’t? Does it have different business hours? You’ll lose a customer if they show up at a store. Assuming it is open as late as store B and finds it closed.

This is a great place to add unique content with location references, whether it is free parking nearby or bragging about the views from that restaurant’s patio. Upload images unique to that location, such as the view of the store from the street. If necessary, add shots of the store from the highway and any other navigational references that help them make it to that location.


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