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Wearables: a Healthy Boost in Employee Performance

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We often think of wearable technology as something that belongs to the realm of sci-fi movies and TV shows, but this is not the case anymore. While we can’t compare our smartwatches to awesome stuff, we get to see the newest Star Trek: Discovery. We already have quite a lot of gadgets that started as props in earlier shows, like smartphones, tablet computers, and personal digital assistants.

All these are exceptionally useful devices that increase employee productivity and performance. Now, we see wearable technology like communicators and AR glasses being introduced to work environments, and their impact on productivity and organization will be glorious.

How Wearable tech improves the organization

The first and most crucial perk wearable technology offers – better organization. Smart glasses with data readings popping up right before your eyes can help you continue working on your current task without needing to look up to the data on your computer. This access to an entire system without ever having to use a laptop streamlines the workday. Imagine having all the references you often need right there in front of your eyes, without ever having to use another tab to take a quick glance. This sort of organization will skyrocket your ability to find and process information.

The hospitality industry has already embraced wearable tech – for their employees and guests too. For example, the Ocean Medallion from Princess Cruises is a small token that can be worn as a watch, pendant, or clip and is used by guests of cruise ships to open doors and also pay in restaurants and shops on the cruise.

Wearable tech impacts health

Recent studies have shown that increased employee productivity is inextricably linked to employee health. Employees are encouraged to get up and exercise throughout their workday to reduce issues like headaches and tension. Wearable technology provides even more opportunities to improve employee health.

Fitbit and similar workout watches are becoming increasingly common among corporations with wellness-centered company cultures. Such devices can track employee heart rates, remind employees when they need to get up and stretch a bit, and even be used in corporate exercise challenges to help boost employee motivation.

One awesome gadget introduced not so long ago is Thync – a wearable tech specifically designed to offer tension relief during stressful interactions, and it does so through electrical stimulation of nerves. It reduces tension, headaches and sore necks, helping achieve clarity of thought and the ability to act with a purpose rather than emotion.

While the overall impact on health is positive, all that technology, from your smartwatch to your wireless headphones, produces electromagnetic fields (EMF), and employees might be concerned about them. Businesses should always address concerns about new tech instead of dismissing them. A simple explanation is that there are standards in place that ensure those fields are still in the harmless range that will often be enough. Also, letting everyone know that all the tech at the office is checked to be within those limits will make everyone rest easy.

Wearable tech security concerns

One thing that you have to keep in mind with wearable tech for corporate use is that all these devices will be connected to your internal network and have access to data. This means that they are a potential threat to the system. Hackers often use wearables as point-of-entry devices, so when choosing wearables, always check their safety features too.

Wearable tech to become more prevalent in the future.

Overall, wearable technology is a wonderful method for improving employee productivity. Wearable technology improves the organization and allows employees to access information anytime and anywhere. This is especially useful for remote meetings where an employee needs to know a statistic on the fly. Additionally, wearable technology promotes a healthier lifestyle. The more clarity of mind an employee has throughout the day, the better chances they have for thinking on their feet.


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