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Why your business needs Live Chat support

Syed Balkhi
Syed Balkhi
Syed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site. With over 10 years of experience, he’s the leading WordPress expert in the industry. You can learn more about Syed and his portfolio of companies by following him on his social media networks.

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The paradox in modern-day digital marketing is that you have a wider reach than ever before, but it’s also harder to reach people at a personal level. 

When your audience walks into a physical store, they interact with the store owner or employees and decide if they can trust the business and buy from them. 

But this instant trust is hard to build when it comes to online stores and sites.

But there’s an interactive tool to resolve the issue of reaching more people while customizing your marketing messages. I’m talking about adding live chat tools to your website. Let’s break down why you need to add live chat support to your business. 

First of all, live chat support is a combination of chat messaging, backend technology, and interactions created by your sales and support staff. You enable your support staff to chat with people using a messaging tool and this enables a faster response time. 

As a result, your brand can provide a better customer experience. Let’s dive in deeper and explore more ways to use live chat and grow your business. 

Answer questions faster

We’ve come a long way since having to wait for a reply to a letter to come in days or weeks. But even today, in a world where digital communication enables near split-second responses, customers face anxiety and impatience when waiting for a reply to an email.

Some businesses send automated emails saying that a customer should expect a response within 24-48 hours. And that’s too long for many customers who will think about moving to other brands that have faster response times. 

A live chat tool makes it possible for users to ask questions in real-time and for you to respond to them right away. 

This makes for happier customers who create positive associations with your brand.

Build leads easily

Adding a live chat tool with a welcome message on your website can direct more visitors to your site to interact with your team. 

And in the process, you can request your users to send their email addresses and names as well as their questions. In this way, you’ll gather explicit permission to contact people, and you’ll be able to build leads fast too. 

Since there is more one-on-one and personalized engagement, people will be more likely to share their information. 

Improve your conversion rates

The numbers make a strong case for adding live chat to your website. Numerous reports and case studies show that using live chat tools and engaging with customers in real-time improves purchases substantially. And not only that, you can boost conversion rates almost immediately when your sales or support staff talk to users. 

Part of the reason why live chat works are that it creates personalization in your interactions with customers. Personalized sales interactions lead to 48% more consumers increasing their spending and an average increase of 20% of sales. 

There are clear advantages to your customers and your business too when you add live chat support. 

Improve user experience

Your audience is overwhelmed with information online and because of this they experience decision fatigue faster and prefer websites that are easy to use. 

When you add live chat support and sales to your website, you improve a customer’s user experience. 

Some fifty percent of users prefer live chat as it’s the most convenient way to talk to a business. And today, 82% of customers expect to get a response in under five minutes via online chat.

Improving UX on your website keeps users on your site longer and increases the likelihood of better engagement and conversions. 

Retain customers 

Acquiring new customers is considerably more expensive than keeping the customers you do have happy. Also, you earn more from existing customers who buy from you repeatedly. In comparison, you make a lot less from new customers who buy once and never return after you deduct the cost of marketing to them.

When your customers find it easy to get help via live chat, they’ll be less likely to move to a competing brand. The ease and convenience of working with your team and the speed with which issues get resolved can give you an edge over your competitors.

Reduce customer support costs

A customer support agent can only help one customer at a time. And getting things done via email can take a longer time than is ideal. 

However, depending on the concern at hand and the expertise of a customer support specialist, one staff member could deal with up to five customers at a time using live chat. 

Also, live chat has a satisfaction level of 73%. Customer support via email communication is at 61% and through phone, it’s just 44%.

You’ll create happier customers and reduce your costs by using live chat support. Adding live chat is also a form of self-help for customers – a tool they can use when they don’t want to have more direct or delayed communication. 

Build trust 

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, our customers can’t relate to us at a personal level as they could with store owners in a physical location. 

But live chat comes as close as it possibly can to building a real-time rapport with potential customers. 

You can train your employees to have a friendly manner of communicating and also assist customers effectively – building trust and creating the feeling that your business is ‘real’ to people. 

Increase your order value

Support staff can use the opportunity to increase the average order value of a purchase when they chat with a customer. 

It becomes easier to convey the benefits of a higher service or an added product when they can address the queries a customer may pose. 

You can also enable your support team to offer unique discounts and special offers to convince customers to buy more. 

Engage new visitors on your website

Most people who arrive on a website, leave it and never return for varying reasons. You can improve brand recall and engage customers more by adding live chat support. 

Triggering a welcome message or a pinging sound when you have a new user will draw their attention to your live chat. 

It increases the chances that they chat with your team and turn into leads. 

Offer round the clock service

The magic of modern technology is that your live chat support can be active at all times of the day and capture even those customers who arrive on your website outside of business hours. 

In our company, we have customers from around the world and we also have remote support staff from different locations globally. This enables us to offer timely support at any time.

As a result, we’re able to cater to global customers and increase our number of users. Adding live chat can be a powerful way for you to grow your business by reaching people from other parts of the world.

Automate non-critical tasks

Another critical way that live chat helps is by integrating chatbots to automate smaller tasks. 

Customers often reach out to businesses to ask for information that’s available on the website. Or such information can be easily retrieved from a database.

By adding chatbots, your business can create a live chat experience but also free your human support staff to focus on critical issues. This makes the best use of everyone’s time and helps you dedicate resources to the areas where they are needed the most. 

Another way that chatbots help is by enabling personalization. For example, if your site visitor is on your pricing page, you can trigger a message to popup where additional information or a special deal appears to users through the chat message. 

You can creatively use your chat tools to engage users and boost conversions on different pages on your site. 


Adding live chat support adds more human-like interaction for your customers on your website. From the suggestions mentioned above, it’s evident that you can use chat tools in creative and interesting ways to achieve your goals. 

Consider adding live chat support to your website and with some testing and data analysis, you should see a strong growth spurt in your conversion rates and other metrics you set for your brand. 


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