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Windows vs. MacBook- The Unfinished Battle of the OS

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Buying a laptop is not as easy as it used to be once upon a time in a land of limited options and simpler technology. Believe me, we’ve come far off into a better world where one can explore countless possibilities before making a sound choice. It’s not just a short term decision, it’s an investment.

A financial investment tied with your peace of mind. No one wants to deal with trips to the repair shop within a year of making a purchase. Let’s say you bought the Best Laptops under 1000 and it started getting its system hanged after 2 months how would you feel?

You have to look at the brand, the specifics and the nitty-gritty details that might not seem as important at first glance but can come together to provide you a good experience with your new laptop. But if we are to go beyond just the brand name, one needs to consider the technology operating behind it. The second step is always deciding between different companies; Dell, Lenovo, Acer, etc. What’s the first step you might ask?

Choosing between the two long-standing champion operating systems – Apple vs. Windows. You must be quite familiar with this ongoing debate of which holds more advantages over the other. You might not have ever indulged in looking it up but that is why we will break it down for you so you can make the perfect choice for you. It’s as simple as both operating systems are two different ways of thinking or rather, two different lifestyles.

Although Windows might be dominating the market for quite some time, Apple continues to put up quite a tough fight. Both companies have come up with advancements to keep improving the service they provide to their dedicated customers. There are a few factors that need to be looked at to judge what the right pick is for you. You need to consider performance, design, price, and productivity.

MacBook is the product of Apple, 

We’ll break it down to three main branches; External elements, Usage, and Operations.

Let’s start with External elements, shall we?

1. Price

The biggest concern one has while listing down possible laptop options is the price. Is it pocket-friendly or will you be expected to reduce your monthly budget to a quarter of what it used to be? It’s common knowledge that Apple’s desirability sets on the same pedestal as its price range. It’s a direct relationship, decreasing one can affect the other.


You feel more confident about your purchase if you’ve spent a hefty amount of money on it. A MacBook can indefinitely impact your wallet, setting you back a minimum of $1000 because that is the cost of the cheapest MacBook option, the MacBook Air. Any better option is only higher than that.

However, Windows has established itself as a more affordable option simply by virtue of having more options to choose from. While Apple is the sole manufacturer of MacBooks, Windows is designed and sold by multiple companies.

This leaves buyers the option to choose from a variety of options according to the price range in their minds. You can find a very good option, in comparison to the simpler MacBook Air, for the same amount of price with better specifications.

It is clear that Apple is a clear winner in one aspect; Higher prices than Windows for nearly the same specifications, which is never a good thing.  

2. Hardware design

No one wants to splurge on a shabby-looking laptop. Another external factor that everyone considers, and rightfully so, is the design of the machine they are about to purchase. Apple used to hold the upper hand in this category, with its unique, beautiful and stylish body. With limited plastic in its design, Apple holds an environmental advantage.

Hardware Design

However, the design has barely developed in nearly the last decade, only becoming slimmer which does appear to be monotonous. There are fewer options to select from, design-wise especially if you want a different looking laptop with a touch screen, etc. The aluminum body could use an update such as in the case of the new Ultra-slim MacBook. It offers a range of colors but lacks in the design of the keyboard and limited USB ports.

In contrast, Windows started with bizarre boxed designs that have now evolved into sleek machines that are a treat for the eyes. The variety and unlimited scope they offer leaves the buyer with enough options to make a peaceful choice. You can go for the traditional desktops and laptops, now available with a touch screen, or you can go for the Surface Pro 6, a chic trendy new option.

Windows has a wide variety of offers that clients in multiple company designs ranging from Dell, HP to Lenovo and Acer. Windows are continuously developing more and more hardware designs that still hold a clear win over MacBooks in terms of price. However, Windows also continues to use plastic which Apple is proudly not involved in.

Furthermore, it is always easier and cheaper to replace parts in Windows than in a MacBook, which is worth considering, if you want to customize your laptop. 

To move this debate further, we now consider the branch of usage. What is the reason behind this purchase? Often buyers have very specific needs such as graphic designing, editing or their reason behind buying a new machine is gaming. On the other hand, people also purchase laptops and desktops for simpler tasks such as web browsing or day to day work of emails and writing.

If you are part of the crowd purchasing to fulfill basic needs then a simple Window is an option for you. It is cheaper than a MacBook and offers services to get your work done. However, we must evaluate better for Gaming options and Professional use. 

3. Gaming

Windows holds an undisputed advantage over the MacBook’s if you want a machine to play video games. Only a rare amount of games can be played on the MacBook and it lacks power for strong graphics.

video gaming
Windows vs. MacBook- The Unfinished Battle of the OS 1

Gaming is the domain of Windows, especially since its partnership with Xbox and PlayStation 4, making it easier to stream games. They have top of the line graphic cards that can make your experience so much better in addition to a 32+ GB of RAM. The only option, it seems, in this category is to opt for a Windows over a MacBook.

4. Professional use

Although both, MacBook and Windows, can serve your graphic designing and editing needs, one holds a very specific advantage over the other. While Windows will offer you a broader variety of software, it comes at a cost.

Literally speaking, it will place a load on your budget as Windows doesn’t offer such applications with the factory install. In addition to that, some cheaper Windows machines can’t even handle the load of the software required for a smooth designing and editing experience.

A clear cut choice is a MacBook if your usage revolves around hours of heavy editing and designing work. Simply because a MacBook comes with factory-installed software for video editing, Photoshop, and other creative suites. It can handle graphics designing much smoother than a Windows without wearing out and does not require an extra amount of money to be spent.

They are easy to operate and can be put to good use. MacBook also offers you functions similar to Office suite however they can be a bit less satisfying. Nonetheless, they at least come with the machine as compared to Windows in which it must be purchased unless you have a Windows 10.

Now that we have discussed the more superficial factors, we can consider some internal Operations that can drive you to your final choice.

5. Connectivity 

We live in a world where every part of our life is connected and the same is the case for all the technology surrounding us. It is important to consider how big an option connectivity is with the machine you purchase. Apple prides itself on the strong, close-knit community its products provide users.

Integration and synergy become core aspects if you hold an iPhone, MacBook, iPad and other such Apple devices. However, that is a whole lot of money to be spent because this is where Apple lacks. While it might be easy to keep your devices connected if they’re solely Apple, it isn’t that easy to connect your MacBook to another tech.

The traditional ports found on Windows are no longer part of the MacBook’s design, making it a hassle to track down splitters and converters to connect your laptop to other devices even as basic as your headphones or hard drives.

MacBook’s more and more, such as MacBook Pros come with USB-C ports which can be an inconvenience to users with non-USB-C accessories. You not only have to purchase a USB-C adapter but also must remember to carry it around at all times, if you don’t lose it in the first place. 

This is a drawback to be kept in mind while deciding which laptop to opt for as Windows continues to provide traditional ports and readers for HDMI cables and memory cards. 

6. Security 

A big part of being human revolves around our need to feel protected and secure. No one wants to deal with threats of viruses and malfunctions. This is a clear cut advantage of owning a MacBook, a sense of safety provided by the rarity of malware in comparison to Windows. You have to pay for virus protection and that too comes with a chance of not working out. 


Whether it’s because of the limited use of MacBook’s worldwide or sheer luck, MacBook’s generally get hacked less than Windows. However, this balance is shifting as the use of MacBooks continues to increase.

In the end, the truth of the matter is that both MacBook and Windows are susceptible to viruses and threats and users must put in place protection to secure their device. MacBook just happens to hold a slight advantage as there is less malware targeting Mac OS X.

7. Updates

There are very few joys in this world and one of them is having the privilege of getting a free software update. Apple releases newer versions of the OS more frequently than Windows and MacBook users can update for free. Any Windows user with the version before Windows 10 has to pay a hefty amount of $120 to update to the newer version. Windows 10 users can update for free whenever an update is available but not everyone has a Windows 10 server, making it less accessible.

After spending a lot of money on buying the device itself, users don’t feel inclined towards spending more money on updates and buying the software. Buying a more expensive MacBook does prove to have some advantages by providing free updates, frequently, and preloaded software such as iMovie.

There is, undoubtedly, no clear winner in this debate. Both parties hold some advantages over the other, a classic case of apples (pun intended) and oranges. But maybe that is the best part of the decision you are going to make.

There are countless options available and you know what pros Windows has and what pros MacBook has. What needs to be considered in the end is how much you’re willing to spend on the specific needs you have with regards to the device you are looking to buy.

The choice lies in your needs. 

If you want a fast, smooth-running laptop with designing capability then perhaps a MacBook is the way for you to go. It is a long term investment that will last you a while, without malfunctions. However, if your needs require a strong RAM and you want the freedom to customize your device then a Windows is your option. With multiple options of design and price range, Windows will be your friend.

In the ever-changing world of technology today, save and spend the most you can, within reason, to satisfy your technological needs. MacBook and Windows have long been established as the front runners of the laptop/desktop world for the right reasons, providing unique sets of features to their dedicated users. 


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