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Xiaomi EV Technology Now Official: Everything to Know

Yusuf Balogun
Yusuf Balogun
Yusuf is a law graduate and freelance journalist with a keen interest in tech reporting.

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Chinese tech giant Xiaomi made a groundbreaking entry into the electric vehicle (EV) market on December 28, marking the launch of Xiaomi EV Technology. The highly anticipated announcement was made during the Xiaomi Automotive Technology Conference, where CEO Lei Jun revealed the company’s ambitious goal – to secure a position among the world’s top five automakers.

Ahead of the conference, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun had already hinted at the imminent launch of Xiaomi EV Technology via his X(formerly Twitter) handle, creating anticipation among enthusiasts. The SU7, the inaugural electric sedan from Xiaomi, stole the spotlight with its distinctive features. Notably, the SU7 is available in two versions – one equipped with Lidar technology and another without.

During the conference, Lei Jun shared insights into Xiaomi’s approach to building its EV. He acknowledged that Xiaomi didn’t pay tribute to established automotive giants like SAIC, FAW, Geely, and others. This unconventional move stemmed from Lei Jun’s visits to all car brands when Xiaomi decided to venture into the automotive sector. He expressed gratitude and saluted Chinese new energy vehicle pioneers.

Xiaomi EVs are not just vehicles; they embody a fusion of five core technologies. These include E-Motors, Batteries, HyperCasting, Autonomous Driving, and a Smart Cabin. Xiaomi’s strategic emphasis on these elements aims to redefine the driving experience and position the company as a technological leader in the EV space. Now, let’s take a tour of what we know about the Xiaomi EV Technology announced.

Xiaomi Automobile’s Future Goals and Vision

Lei Jun discussed the vision and future aims of Xiaomi Automobile. He claims that Xiaomi Auto wants to be on par with Porsche and Tesla, build the ideal vehicle for the modern era of the automotive industry, and develop a mobile smart space that is attractive, safe, well-driven, and comfortable. Xiaomi Auto also wants to see the overall growth of the Chinese automotive industry.

Regarding long-term objectives, Lei Jun restated his resolve to begin with the fundamental technologies and make ten investments. After ten to fifteen years of diligent labor, the ultimate goal is to rank among the world’s top five automakers.

“By working hard over the next 15 to 20 years, we will become one of the world’s top 5 automakers, striving to lift China’s overall automobile industry, Lei Jun said.”

Xiaomi EVs Stand Out as the World’s First 27200 rpm Speed Car

At the Xiaomi Automotive Technology Conference this afternoon, Xiaomi Super Motor V8s were officially released and claim to have the world’s first speed of 27,200 rpm. According to the Chinese brand, the motor has a maximum horsepower of 578PS, a peak power of 425kW, a peak torque of 635N·m, and a maximum efficiency of 98.11%.

Additionally, Xiaomi also revealed that the company’s laboratory has pre-researched a 35,000rpm motor. This motor is the industry’s first 960MPa special silicon steel sheet, fully self-developed stator and rotor design, two-way full oil cooling, S-type three-dimensional oil circuit design, 54-slot 6-pole design, and 8-layer Hairpin flat wire winding. The slot full rate is 77% and is expected to be available in 2025.

Xiaomi Cars Name: The King of Battery Life

Another stand-out feature of Xiaomi cars is it’s equipped with high-efficiency dual-mode heat pump air-conditioning technology. This feature intends to make electric cars the King of Battery Life in the winter and challenges the status quo of wintertime electric vehicles.

According to reports, Xiaomi cars are equipped with three-heat source step-by-step heating technology. Up to 18kW of battery heating power is possible at maximum. It is claimed that at – 20 degrees Celsius, it can still absorb heat from frigid air.

Unveiling Self-developed 800V Silicon Carbide High-voltage Platform

Alongside the EVs, the conference also witnessed the launch of Xiaomi’s self-developed 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform. According to Lei Jun, models that are currently over 500V can be referred to as 800V, and the Xiaomi SU7’s 800V platform has a maximum voltage of 871V.

In addition, the car’s 800-volt high-voltage battery pack was assembled over two years by thousands of engineers from Xiaomi and CATL; the battery cells were not created on their own. The CTB battery body integration technology, which Xiaomi developed in-house, is used in this battery. It is officially stated that the wire harness is reduced by 91%, resulting in a 3% reduction in wiring harness area, the volume efficiency reaches 77.8%, and the thickness of the battery pack + floor is 120mm.

The battery’s maximum power of 150kWh may accomplish a range of over 1,200km under CLTC conditions under the mature system. Similarly, the battery’s maximum power of 132kWh can achieve an endurance of over 1,000km under CLTC conditions.

In terms of safety, the battery also has the greatest cooling area in its class (7.8 m2), the first cell inversion technology in the market, 17 layers of high-voltage insulation protection, and 165 aerogel pieces for heat insulation. The car-cloud collaborative safety warning system, which Xiaomi Auto also supports, boasts 10 times the industry-level detection frequency, twice the national standard data volume, and round-the-clock cloud protection.

Announcing Xiaomi Super Motor V6 and V6s

Additionally, Xiaomi Super Motor V6 and V6s have been officially unveiled. The following is the parameter information for these two motors: The Xiaomi Super Motor V6 has a maximum power of 299 PS/220 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N₁m. It can operate at a voltage of 400 V. Maximum torque of 500N₻m, maximum power of 374 PS/275kW, and support of 800V voltage

Lei Jun claims that these two motors are comparable to six- and huge six-cylinder engines, respectively. The reason for the name is that these two motors have power close to that of a V6 engine. Benchmarking against benchmark models is also essential at the same time. According to data, the Porsche Taycan Turbo and Tesla Model S Plaid are not able to match the maximum speed, peak torque, peak power, or power density of the Xiaomi Super Motor V6s.

Xiaomi Automobile’s Super Large Die-casting Technology

Lei Jun also announced Xiaomi’s super large die-casting technology, namely a 9,100-ton integrated die-casting process. He stated that Xiaomi uses an independently built 9,100-ton integrated large die-casting equipment cluster system, whereas Tesla uses a 6,000-ton Shanghai plant and a 9,000-ton finished facility. Three sets of plans were also customized to guarantee that everything was perfect. comprising conventional stamping solution, big die-casting group A, and large die-casting group B.

Additionally, he presented Titan Alloy, a heat-free, very durable, ecologically friendly, and self-made alloy die-casting material produced by Xiaomi. He asserted that Xiaomi is now the only domestic automaker producing large quantities of these alloy materials.

This alloy is said to have been utilized in the Xiaomi SU7 model’s 72-in-1 integrated die-cast rear floor. Compared to conventional die-casting technology, this model’s three-section rear floor is claimed to have 840 fewer welding sites and better in-car noise reduction capabilities. 2dB, 17% weight savings, over 2 million km of longevity, and potent anti-collision properties.


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