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4 Ways to get more email marketing engagement

Syed Balkhi
Syed Balkhi
Syed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site. With over 10 years of experience, he’s the leading WordPress expert in the industry. You can learn more about Syed and his portfolio of companies by following him on his social media networks.

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Do you want to dramatically improve your email marketing engagement rate? If so, you’re not alone. Business leaders and marketing teams worldwide use email marketing to build stronger connections with their target audience.

If you get this part of your strategy right, you can look forward to more sales, website traffic, and overall engagement. When you consider that the average return on investment for email marketing is 4,400%, it becomes clear why this strategy is essential for businesses across all industries.

But building an email campaign that gets conversions is no easy feat. Today, our goal is to help you improve your email strategy’s effectiveness from the moment you ask for an email address. We will show you how to refine your lead generation strategy, get subscribers’ attention, and see more interactions with your marketing emails.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Refine your lead generation strategy

Before you can master email marketing, you have to build a strong lead list. Lead lists are essentially groups of potential customers that have shown interest in your product or service by signing up for marketing emails.

In some cases, people on your lead list are already customers. Your goal with these users is to get them to come back to your website for repeat orders.

The best way to get more email engagement is to ensure that you’re recruiting leads actually interested in your company. When you put a contact form on your website to gather email addresses, ask questions that you can use to determine your audience’s intent. Understanding how consumers want to engage with your brand will help while sending out emails and segmenting your list.

We also suggest creating and promoting lead magnets. Lead magnets are pieces of content like ebooks and guides that business owners give to consumers in exchange for their email address. If you’ve researched your audience and know what kind of content they want to see, a lead magnet is an extremely useful tool for growing your list.

Send a welcome email

Believe it or not, sending out a welcome email can dramatically improve your chance of customer engagement. Imagine if you signed up for an email list and didn’t get your first message from the company until two weeks later.

If you’re like most of us, your reaction might be, “Who is this? I don’t remember signing up for this list.”

Now, imagine you sign up for a list and get an email as soon as you click submit on the contact form. Odds are, you would see that email, instantly recognize the company, and open the message.

You want to put your customers in a position where they can open and engage with your emails. The best way to accomplish this task is to allow them to engage from the moment they sign up.

There’s a good reason why welcome emails have an open rate of 82%. Customers are more likely to interact with a company if they get an email immediately after entering their contact information. If you’re not using automation to send out welcome emails, you’re missing out on a significant email marketing opportunity.

Leverage the power of personalization

Personalization is another way to drastically improve the odds that people will take action after reading your email. People are no longer looking for standard experiences with companies. Instead, users are interested in finding brands that consistently show personalized content and offers on-site and through email.

You can fine-tune your personalization strategy by segmenting your lead list. Segmenting occurs when a business owner or marketing team breaks down a list of customers based on their preferences, order history, pain points, and goals.

Marketers use this data to create personalized emails that contain exactly what readers want to see. As a result, the people getting these emails are more likely to open them. You can also use personalized emails to capture customers that abandon their cart through retargeting.

Think about it, are you more likely to open an email if it contains an offer or piece of content that’s relevant to one of your goals or pain points? Most people are, which is why segmenting and personalizing emails results in 14.31% more opens, which means more overall engagement.

You can segment your leads by asking targeted questions on your contact form, analyzing on-site behavior(such as order history), or reviewing feedback.

Use one call to action

Finally, let’s talk about one mistake we see marketers using in their emails that hurts engagement. When you’re designing each email, you should have a goal in mind. In other words, what do you hope to accomplish by sending out each email?

If your goal is to get consumers to come back to your website and buy a product with a promotional code, you need a good call-to-action (CTA). A call-to-action appears towards the bottom of your email and encourage users to click through and do something specific.

Some marketers think they should add multiple CTAs to their emails because it gives consumers more options. The truth is, too many CTAs can cause a form of buyer paralysis. The result of this interaction is users will quickly leave an email and likely not return.

You can reduce the impact of buyer paralysis by only including one clear CTA. You don’t want to put consumers in a position where they have too many options and get overwhelmed. Sticking with one CTA ensures you’ll get more responses and general email marketing engagement.

Final thoughts

Email marketing is one of the most helpful tools you have for growing your business. Use the tips we mentioned today to get more people to respond to your emails, which means there’s a good chance people will spend more time on your website.

Don’t get discouraged if your email engagement rate doesn’t skyrocket overnight. Email marketing takes time to fully work, so you have to stay persistent. Before long, you’ll have a lead list that’s jam-packed with qualified consumers ready to open your emails.


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