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Avengers: Endgame movie review: A masterpiece of the decade

Varun Kesari
Varun Kesari
Blogger | Youtuber | Music lover | Tech enthusiastic | Proud To be INDIAN

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WARNING: This review of Avengers: Endgame contains Spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The day arrived. 11 years passed from the first chapter of this story and, although we expected it, one era concluded. After so many theories created by media and fans around the world for a long year, the question is here: is it the best superhero movie of all time? And yes, yes it is.

Located immediately after the snap of the greatest villain of our times, Avengers Endgame poses a dark and gray scenario for humanity. Half of life has been erased from existence in the blink of an eye, and this has been harder to overcome and understand for the lucky ones who managed to save themselves. With the arrival of Captain Marvel to the Disney film universe, everything seems very simple. The death of Thanos at the hands of Thor, only two days after the event of Infinity War, in an emotional and violent scene, comes just a couple of minutes after the film started. But of course, for no one, is enough and the countless losses have remained in the memory of our heroes.

The development of the film takes place 5 years later, with a global depression that is seen in every corner of the planet. All our favorite characters have been unable to overcome the event, except for one: Iron Man. For Tony, life is very beautiful after being rescued by Captain Marvel in space and brought to earth to meet his little girl-daughter Morgan and a Pepper Pots more alive than ever.

The drama in the plot places a panorama of defeat and disappointment in each character, showing us for the first time tears in the most vulnerable and optimism in the most experienced. Half has died, but there was always hope.

The turn in the story comes at the hands of Ant-Man, who miraculously managed to remain in the quantum universe during the 5 years of waiting, but with a singular peculiarity: for him, only 5 minutes passed. Unable to understand what happened, it is his mind that works the master plan dedicated to the simplest theory of all: traveling in time to get the gems before Thanos and recover the lost.

Going back in time is a great success of the directors Russo, who exploit to the maximum the nostalgia to relive scenes of the past intervened by the characters of the future. The countless appearances of characters from all the Marvel Universe, could not miss.

A kind of parallel universe has gestated in the present, with an obese and drunken Thor, a Hulk who never again becomes Dr. Banner but has consciousness or a hitman Hawkeye who plans to annihilate all the surviving assassins of the planet. This is Endgame and its infinite winks to hundreds of sagas told in comics in the past.

Although the issue of returning to the past to correct the future is complex, and multiple times reference is made to great stories of cinema-related to time machines, Avengers Endgame has managed to “respect” the laws that condition it, although of course, all thanks to a guy named Stephen Strange. Do you remember that he gave the Time Gem to Thanos in Infinity War at will? He had his reasons, and these were that the former guardian of the Gem, Ancient One, would never give it up unless he knew that all of them had been sent by Strange into the past.

The problem? Thanos lives in the past to which they resort, and of course, he was not going to sit idly by when he found out about The Avengers’ plans.

As expected, and after the sensitive loss of Black Widow in the past to get the Soul Gem, Hulk snapped his fingers to bring back all the fallen heroes, who will be responsible for stopping a furious Thanos in the present. The final battle is the most epic thing ever seen on the big screen of superheroes, with more than 50 main characters in action trying to stop Thanos and his Chitauri army on Earth.

Every triumph has a cost, and Tony Stark always knew, and although he knew it would be an impossible mission to carry the Glove of Infinity with all the Gems, he gave his life to snap his fingers one last time ending the epic war that lasted 11 long years in our lives.

What’s next for the MCU after Endgame?

Although death did not take Steve Rogers (who by the way has changed his weapon and now owns the all-powerful Mjolnir), the end of his story for the MCU has arrived, by deciding to stay in the past and have that dance that always dreamed of Carter. By passing his coat of arms to the new Captain America, who will be played by Falcon and not by Winter Soldier as speculated, his story has ended and Tony’s funeral shows for the last time all our heroes together on the big screen.

The emotional reunions of Star-Lord with Gamora and Rocket with Groot, make that tear that was saved finally see the light, and the inclusion of Thor to the Asgardians of the Galaxy, as he calls them, makes us wait for the continuation of this saga with more desire than sadness.


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