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7 Useful Gadgets That Every Twitch Streamer is Looking for

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Being a Twitch streamer is a big thing in the gaming community, especially with MMORPG games. The main goal of Twitch streamers is to get Twitch followers so that they can build their fan base. Of course, it isn’t easy to even get twitch viewers, what more to say get twitch followers. This is why Twitch streamers need to have all the help that they can get. Fortunately, there are gadgets and tools that Twitch streamers can use to do this.

Here are 7 gadgets to take note of:

1. Blue Yeti USB Mic

Every Twitch streamer needs a good microphone so that his or her viewers can hear him or her speaking clearly. One of the most important aspects of Twitch gaming is interacting with the viewers. Having a personality as a speaker is one of the most important parts in learning how to get Twitch followers because no one is going to follow a boring gamer. This is why you’ll need a good mic that can help you clearly deliver your message.

The Blue Yeti USB Mic is a great microphone for this purpose. It’s one of the most popular ones in the market and used by both beginners and pros alike. It has multiple pattern selections, a microphone frequency response of 20kHz, and an amplifier frequency response of up to 22 Hz, making it a very powerful gaming microphone. This allows you to record crystal clear audio, which is perfect for capturing both your voice and the sounds of the game.

2. FancierStudio Green Screen Kit

If you’re really serious about being a Twitch streamer, then you have to invest in a really good lighting kit. The FancierStudio Green Screen kit is the perfect one for any Twitch streamer because it comes with a very powerful lighting system and also a great green screen background. It has CFL light bulbs for extra power and also a 10×12 green screen which can stand on an 8 x 10 ft support stand. A nice lighting and background system is definitely essential to get twitch viewers.

3. Elgato HD Game Capture

To portray your game on the video, you will need a special device to connect the console to your computer. One of the best devices for that purpose is the Elgato HD Game Capture. This game capture device includes the game capture device itself, a USB cable, an HDMI cable, and an adapter.

It is able to support resolutions reaching up to 1080p30 and has advanced H.264 encoding. It is compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U. One of the most attractive features that this game capture device has is the Flashback Recording feature, which allows you to share your video easily on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

4. ChromeCast

If you’re a Twitch streamer who focuses more on mobile gaming or if you’re a beginner, then you may want to consider Chromecast instead. The ChromeCast can cast anything from your mobile or desktop device to a TV. You can completely control the screen on your TV by just controlling your mobile device or computer. This is ideal for those who have yet to break into Twitch gaming but would like to start. However, it is more advisable to upgrade to an Elgato once you’ve gotten used to Twitch gaming.

5. Logitech C920 Webcam

A good webcam is essential to the success of a Twitch streamer. A more popular choice of webcams for most mid to advanced level players is the Logitech C920 Webcam. The Logitech C920 Webcam offers full HD video call resolution of up to 1920p x 1080p and HD video recording of also up to 1920p x 1080p5. Logitech F310 Game Controller.

Probably the most important gadget for any gamer to have is a good gamepad or game controller. Most game streamers prefer using the Logitech F310 Game Controller as their standard, especially if they’re used to playing Playstation or Xbox controllers. It has a very simple plug and plays feature for easy use. It comes with 10 configurable buttons and an 8-way D-pad. It can work for Windows XP up to Windows 7.

6. HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

If you really want to experience the full audio of your game, you’ll need a good gaming headset. Popular reviews point out to the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. This is known for its lightweight and comfortable leatherette material. Because of the soft material used, you won’t have the risk of scratching your ears, especially with the foam ear cups that can be installed.

It has a frequency response of up to 25k Hz and has noise blocking technology. It also comes with its own microphone to further enhance the audio and voice experience.

Other than gaming consoles and computers, it is also highly compatible with mobile devices and virtual reality devices such as Oculus. It also has a built-in dual stereo mic that can also block off any background noise. Also, it comes with a light dimming feature to automatically adjust the lighting when the background light is too bright or dark. The camera can work in Windows 7 to 10, Mac OS 10.6 or higher, and Android v5.0 or higher as well.

7. Auray Reflection Filter

No matter how good your sound system is, there will be times when echoes can be heard in your recording. This usually happens if you’re in an enclosed room. In order to prevent any echoes from being heard, you need to have a good reflection filter behind your microphone to block off any echo sound. The best reflection filter for that job is the Auray Reflection Filter, which is usually used by recording artists when they record songs in a recording studio.

The reflection filter is made out of very high-density acoustic foam which can easily block off echoes inside the enclosed space. Coupled with a perforated aluminum shield, this filter ensures that all other annoying sounds are blocked off as well. This totally isolates the sound of the microphone giving you very clear audio for your recordings.


One of the first steps in learning how to get Twitch followers is to first know the equipment that you need. Twitch viewers these days are very particular about quality. They’re very attentive to sound quality, video quality, and overall experience. This is why you need to have your own studio set up so that you can meet the demands and expectations of these Twitch viewers.

If you are able to get the appeal of these Twitch viewers, then you can easily turn them into loyal Twitch followers who will want to watch all of your games. Simply put, if you want to get a high number of Twitch followers, then you have to invest in the right equipment.

The ones mentioned above are some of the most widely used ones by both amateur and professional Twitch streamers. These gadgets are known not only for their high quality but also for their functions and overall usefulness. So, if you want to really go into Twitch streaming and become a popular Twitch gamer, you might want to check out some of these gadgets. They are sure to help you achieve the fame that you’re looking for.


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