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Google Clips, An AI-powered Smart Camera: Three Things You Should Know

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Whenever I see a viral cat video that’s impossible to take, I always wonder when I will be able to record my pets being cute. Pets (like children, apparently) do not act cute on camera. This is a true and tested fact for ordinary human beings like us. Luckily, Google has a solution for this particular problem.

Tell Me What It Is!

Google Clips is an AI-powered camera that is supposed to capture the right moment. It’s developed by Google to enable pet-owners and kid-owners to take pictures easily. Since it’s a newly launched product, it’s basically still a mystery for all of us.

At the very least, we know it’s a smart camera that takes pictures of moments it thinks are worth saving. It takes a picture for you, so you don’t have to spend half your time hiding behind a phone!

With its 16GB of internal storage and battery, Clips have enough storage (and battery) to save up to 3 hours of smart capture. This portable camera has a large 12 MP lens with a shutter button placed right below it. Its 2 inches square size makes it the ideal size for your pocket too!

The two things Google Clips can do is record 7-second snippets of your moment or take pictures of it. Although for privacy’s sake, Google Clips omitted audio recording from its functions.

This smart camera is trained by professional photographers on how to take quality pictures, like blurry images, blockage, etc. Aside from that, Clips are supposedly able to select special moments from an array of normal ones. This camera can also recognize faces that show up often, so it can separate important people in your life from strangers.

That’s a very useful feature to keep you away from your phone!

Although you’re supposed to set it down and forget it, you can take photos manually by using the shutter button and its companion app. The said companion app is also the one that will let you scroll through this camera’s findings to decide which moments you want to keep.

Now Let’s Get Back to Reality

Okay, there’re a few things to consider before you get too excited.

  • First of all, this device costs 249 USD for a camera that’s not as good as your phone’s. For the record, LG Q6 is priced at 300 USD, and that’s already a pretty good phone.
  • Second of all, there are privacy concerns with this device. To be clear, Google Clips can’t record any kind of audio, and all its clips are saved locally (unless you downloaded it, of course). Furthermore, this thing is pretty obviously a camera since it’s not supposed to be a spy cam of some kind.
  • Third of all, this thing is created to be forgotten. So, what if you forgot it’s there, and you left it in the park? 249 USD is gone in a snap!

I Don’t Care, Give Me It!

Google Clips launched to the market yesterday morning, February 27th. It’s already being sold by a couple of retailers, like BestBuy, Google Store, and Verizon. If you’re thinking of buying it, you can do so via these companies. Although for that outside of the US, it seems like you have some more time to ponder this purchase.

On another note, currently, this phone is only compatible with Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, and the iPhone 6 series and above. Google said it’d try adding more phones soon, but for you who are not a user of these phones, it seems like you’ll also have to wait!

Should I Buy It?

Well, it doesn’t matter right now if you’re outside of the US or don’t have super-fancy phones. But if you can buy it and have an extra 249 USD in your bank account, then go for it! Google Clips is a unique device so there’s nothing wrong with trying it out.


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