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How to Promote Your Online Gaming Business Using Social Media

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So you have a video game, and now you just need to market it to grow your business. Sounds simple, right?

Here’s the thing, the marketing industry is a bit tricky, especially when you are targeting a huge industry like video games. The gaming industry is projected to reach $204.6 billion by 2023.

You need a big marketing budget to beat big publications if you’re just establishing your brand authority in the gaming world. And that’s a gigantic problem, gaming entrepreneurs!

So, what’s the solution?

Social Media!

Yep, social media for the gaming business is not much of a secret weapon to promote their brand under budget. Social media offers numerous opportunities to gaming businesses to target the big apple. Heck, only the Twitter audience sent 1 million gaming tweets in the first half of 2020.

Once you opt for the right social media strategy to promote your gaming business, nothing can stop you from succeeding. In this post, you can find all you need to formulate your powerful gaming social media marketing plan. So, let’s dig in.

Things to Consider Before Using Social Media for Your Gaming Business 

Define your target audience 

Foremost, ask yourself, for who have you developed a gaming app? To find the right answer, focus on your ideal player’s age, gender, and location. Once your target audience is defined, divide them into smaller groups based on their similarities.

For example, if you have a game like Homescapes, your audience belongs to three main groups — Casual gamers, Classic Puzzle gamers, and Home Decor gamers. Using the sub-groups, you can better plan the next phase in your social media marketing strategy.

Find your social media platform.

Depending upon your targeted audience and marketing plan, you have to next select your social media marketing platforms. Mostly, gaming businesses use Twitter marketing as gamers are more active on Twitter. But, it doesn’t mean other social media platforms aren’t good for the gaming business. 

All social media portals are great to promote gaming business, but in different situations, such as;

  • To run paid ad campaigns, Facebook is perfect. 
  • For aesthetic purposes, Instagram is your place. 
  • If you are targeting video marketing, go for YouTube, TikTok, etc. 

Always be consistent 

You must have already heard hundreds of times that consistency is the key to success on social media. So, let’s hear it one more time and be consistent with your social media marketing efforts, period.

7 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Gaming Business:

From Fortnite to Clash of Clans, today, many gaming apps are thriving on social media. Let’s hop on to know how these big brands are manipulating social media.

1. Create hype with live-streaming events

Gamers are always on the hunt for new content in real-time. Here you can use live streaming to announce new launches, competitions, or news to your fans.

On Instagram, you can use reels to share fun and informative content with your audiences. Plus, nowadays so many cool Instagram reels editing tools available for your ease. You can also live stream on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and many other platforms.

E3 starting gaming-related conversations and debates via hashtags for upcoming events is a good use of live-streaming.

E3 starting gaming-related conversations and debates via hashtags
Image Source: Twitter

2. Generate traffic with ads

Running ads on social media is always the easiest and controlled way to generate leads. Facebook lets you set your budget, customize ad layout, add CTAs, and so much more. Similarly, Instagram lets you create visually explicit ads targeting audience, location, duration, etc.

Now, paid ads are slightly pricey, but you can always control the budget. Plus, running ads on social media is a lot less expensive compared to TV commercials. Importantly, you can measure social media ad metrics in real-time that no other marketing platform lets you do.

3. Engage audiences with memes 

Memes never let you down. They are the best classic way to engage your game fans on social media. Humorous brand voice always wins; just look at this Nintendo meme.

Humorous brand voice always wins; just look at this Nintendo meme
Image Credit: Nintendo on Twitter

With memes, you can directly hit the sensitive spots of your audience.

4. Channelize your fandom to expand your game reach

Gamers are one of the most passionate fans. So, you should channelize their passion for spreading the word about your game online.

In other words, use your community’s posts and creatives to reach more people. For instance, Celeste often shares user-generated content such as fanart.

Celeste often shares user-generated content such as fanart

Source: SproutSocial

You should create hashtags to encourage your fans to mention your game name on social media like competitions, referral programs, etc.

There are many other ways to build your social community, like:

  • News community — gaming businesses on social media can create news communities to share news, announcements, and other information with their people.
  • Support community — to share tips, FAQs, and your game’s cheat sheets with fans.
  • Engagement community — to keep fans entertained, companies can host polls, surveys, giveaways, etc.

5. Establish a personal connection with gamers

As we have already mentioned, gamers are passionate people. It’s up to you whether you use their passion in your favor or against you. Confused? 

Let’s take an example; when Inti Creates detected a bug in their game, they didn’t hide it from their fans. Instead, they announced it on Twitter and apologized to their gaming community. 

Twitter and apologized to their gaming community

Source: Twitter 

Inti Creates gained their fans’ trust with a simple and honest tweet and built a strong relationship with them. So, use social media for your gaming business to win hearts, not market. 

6. Reach out to influence 

You can hate them or love them; influencers have a great impact on social media. Especially in fan-based industries like games, influencers play a significant role. So, start hunting for a good influence who can put your game on the map.

However, keep a few things in your mind before partnering with social media influencers:

  • First, outline your marketing campaign goals and metrics 
  • Define the right influencer suiting your brand’s voice
  • Look for influencers who aren’t your direct competitors or used by your competitors 
  • Understand influencers’ approaches on social media like humor, sarcasm, etc. 
  • Importantly, measure influencers engagement rates
  • Never estimate the power of micro-influencers 

Also, consider other factors that are specific to your gaming business.

7. Include social media within your game 

This is the most underrated social media strategy for the gaming business. In this approach, you can integrate social media within your gaming app. 

Candy Crush is the prime example of this social media strategy. They encourage users to connect with their Facebook account, send requests to Facebook friends, share progress on Facebook walls, and so on. You can also steal a page from Candy Crush or other popular gaming apps playbook to include social media within your game. 

Ready to Promote your Gaming Business on Social Media?

Indeed, social media is a great source of traffic and brand building. If you keep on sharing high-quality and engaging content with your fans on social media, you will definitely get results. Though there’s a condition — use the right social media marketing strategy and platform. 

As we have already shared, how to pick a suitable social media platform and formulate marketing strategies. Now, the ball is in your court, how you use this information to grow your gaming business. 

Best of luck and don’t forget to share your experience with us after promoting your gaming business on social media!


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