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10 Web Design and UX Trends to drive better conversion rate

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What’s the very first thing a website visitor observes on your website? Or let’s say what the first thing that draws customer attention is? Animations, graphics, color selection, logo – all these things draw the first impression of your website and this helps the person to decide whether he will stay on the website or leave it right away.

Well, in the ever-evolving and fast digital world, you only get a few seconds to impress the customers with your web design; else the person will look for some other alternate and eventually invest in some of your strong competitors.

Latest web design and UX trends

When the industry competition is becoming tougher day after day and with the growing demands and expectations of the website visitors, you need to plan a web design strategy that will not only attract the people but also results in a higher conversion rate. So, in this post, we’ll explore a list of popular web design and UX trends that major industry leaders practice in 2020 so as to stay ahead of the race.

latest ux design
10 Web Design and UX Trends to drive better conversion rate 1

Let’s get started!

Content-first design

No doubt, the technology has led us to go the extra mile from desktop views to smartphones, tablets, and other devices support. All thanks to the mobile-first design that has offered an outstanding user experience.

content design
10 Web Design and UX Trends to drive better conversion rate 2

However, we are far away from designing content that is compatible with all sorts of devices – smartwatches, desktops, phones, websites, and so on. There are voice platforms, personal assistant apps, or devices connected by the Internet of Things, in this case, we need to focus upon a content-first approach rather than only working upon the mobile-first design. This will definitely help in attracting a wider audience towards your business.

Color schemes

Users are always looking for innovative and impressive things over a website. The latest technologies in the design industry that are expected by the users will include vibrant, bright, and highly saturated colors. Numerous other color schemes will accompany gradients, surrealism, and pre-posthumanism that carry their own set of characteristics and feel to impress the customers in recent times and bring them towards your business.

website colors
10 Web Design and UX Trends to drive better conversion rate 3

So, in the coming time, customers will simply love and get attracted to bold, bright, and vibrant colors. Having a demanding and accurate color palette that has a set of lively colors is what businesses are going to focus on in the coming decade.

Contextual photography

Contextual photography is basically an image that will capture a lot more than the subject and comprise of images that will help your brand connect with a sensory emotion and help your business stand unique from the rest of the competition. It will eventually help the customers grab attention towards your brands simply with the help of appealing images that clearly convey your business idea and products.


Nowadays, customers are getting more attracted to appealing videos since it consumes less time and is an attractive way to grab information. Businesses have started making videos for tutorials, social media ads, and even web banners in the form of GIFs, animations, and short videos.

website videos
10 Web Design and UX Trends to drive better conversion rate 4

Since people no more prefer reading lengthy text and love watching short videos, this is the reason videos have become a powerful marketing tool in today’s time so as to grab a wider customer audience and experience better conversion rates.


Personalization has remained a buzzword for a long time, but the technical skills to implement it the right way has come just a year back. Well, personalization is just not confined to addressing a user by his name, however, it is about focusing on the customer interests, while the users are going through the purchasing process, and a tailored message is sent to direct them to the next step.

Since the customers experience a memorable journey over your website, they would definitely love continuing over your website.

Micro interactions

Micro-interactions are ultimately getting the attention and appreciation it deserves. Designers know it very well that they have been waiting for this. Micro-interactions are soon going to become mainstream now. Well, micro-interactions are basically visual responses or animations customers will see while performing certain activities.

Micro-interactions will inform the customers while they successfully make a payment, added a product in the wishlist, or posted a review. It will further help in improving the navigation of the website and deliver a great experience while bringing the customers near to the conversions.

Multistep forms

More and more industry leaders are planning to invest and work upon multistep forms this year. Multi-step forms will build the threatening parameter of lengthy forms and improve engagement with the help of touch gestures and micro interactions while reducing typing and deliver a rich experience to the users than ever before.

multistep forms
10 Web Design and UX Trends to drive better conversion rate 5

Typography design

It is defined as the technique to arrange type for making written impressive while displaying. Emphasizing text is as important as focusing on the colors, thereby it becomes necessary for a business to work upon typography design in order to get better conversions. During this, you must focus on text size, font selection, tracking and kerning, leading, measure, and hierarchy.

Better the typography is, better your brand name will be in the market. Moreover, users not only prefer text, which seems appealing, but the one which is easy to navigate and well organized. So, make sure you use bullets wherever required, add titles, subheadings, and even try highlighting the important things throughout the text.


Masking is a technique that already many websites are using nowadays – the tool hides specific areas of the image and reveals the other areas. This presents a mysterious view of the image and is quite appealing to the customer’s end. Since it has a contemporary look, it is becoming a popular trend in the entire design industry. The majority of the masking evidence and live examples can be seen on front pages, titles, and header sections. 

Predictive analytics

Another thing that technology surprises us with is predictive analytics, which will be available for all-sized brands. In the coming time, predictive analytics tools will become an ordinary thing as email marketing platforms and landing page builders that further helps you transform your existing data in some competent predictions and higher conversion rates.

predictive analysis
credit : Freepik

For instance, with predictive analytics, you can expect an advertising campaign that automatically adjusts as per the recent trend, weather, and all other important parameters that further helps in improving the conversion rates. To make this successful, predictive analysis maps the data history, spotting patterns, and detect the scenarios where adjustments can be made.

Wrap Up

As technology and the web design industry continue to evolve and grows every day, we can expect more and more trends that will dominate the web design industry. However, the above web design trends that are expected to stay in the industry for 2020 and beyond. Masking, color schemes, predictive analytics, videos, all these trends are definitely going to bring a wider audience towards your business with fewer efforts. It further enables you to turn those website visitors into loyal leads, stay ahead of the competitors, and boost the conversion rates as never before.


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