5 Ways to Gain More Views and Followers on Twitch

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Back then, when there was a new video game released, the only way to see it was by watching over the back of your friends while they were playing it. However, the liberty of viewing a new game in live-action has become easier nowadays with the help of online videos and live streaming sites like Twitch.

According to Statista, Twitch has an average of over a million viewers and 3.1 million unique streamers making it the biggest online streaming platform around the world. It is an excellent place for streamers to gain an audience and make some income at the same time. You just need to go out there and get people’s attention as much as you can.

So, if you’re seeking for ways on how to gain more viewers and Twitch followers, then this is the right place. In this article, we will tackle 5 effective ways that are very helpful in your growth of Twitch.

1. Communicate with your audience

One of the secrets in establishing your name on Twitch is to interact with your audience. The ability to interact with other streamers or your viewers in real time is one of the leading features why people patronize Twitch rather than just watching gaming videos online.

Twitch Communication

Viewers also want to know you and communicate with others within your audience. It is one of the best tactics to gain more Twitch followers and make your viewers come back. Another popular way is users can use Twitch overlay, a design consisting of a variety of graphics that appear along with your gameplay footage during a stream. This is very important especially when you’re just a newbie streamer. Do your audience interaction constantly and take note of the following tips below to make it easier.

  • Monitor your chat room all the time
  • Always talk on your stream
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Appoint people from your followers to help you manage your chat room
  • Acquire a Moderator bot
  • Involve your audience

2. Be frequent and consistent in streaming

If you like to get more followers and viewers, then you must have a frequent and consistent streaming schedule. It’s the easiest and most effective way to let your audience know when they can watch your streams. Also, it is a fantastic method to develop trust and convince regular viewing of all your viewers.

When spectators find you, and they like the contents of your stream, they’ll definitely want to watch you again. If you don’t have a fixed schedule, they’ll most likely look for someone new. Many streamers commit this mistake. By having a regular schedule and following it, you’re already separating yourself from other streamers who aren’t doing this.

When constructing a schedule, it is clever to incorporate what game you’ll be playing together with the time your streaming starts. This will provide your potential followers more reasons to check you out and find the contents they want to watch.

3. Stream and play the right games

If you want to draw more views and a Twitch follower, then it is important to play the appropriate games. This element of online video game streaming often affirms to be unexpectedly challenging. It requires you to discover the balance between the games you love and what your followers like to watch, plus the games that no one knew and those that everyone is talking about.

Twitch Games

If you’re a beginner streamer on Twitch, then it’s better to exert an amount of time streaming various games to assess which are the most beneficial for you. To make it easier in finding the perfect games to stream, follow these guides:

  • Play games that you are enthusiastic about
  • Play the games you are doing well
  • Play the most current and most popular games
  • Play both the games you love and what your viewers want

4. Promote your channel on Social Media

As a streamer, your accomplishment doesn’t base only on what you do on Twitch. Your activity in other prominent social media sites is also a big boost in your progress as a streamer on Twitch. You have to find other ways to promote your name all over the gaming community and captivate the attention of other people who don’t know you yet. One effective way to do this is to conduct cross-promotion of your Twitch channel on different social media and pertinent online forums.

Twitch Channels

If you can get as many people to notice you, there’s a big chance that they’ll become your viewers and eventually your Twitch followers. Hence, it is essential to continue being active on all other social media platforms you have. Here are the largest online social networking websites you can exploit in growing your Twitch channel:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Discord
  • Facebook
  • Online Forums

5. Conduct a contest with a generous reward

In terms of generating more views, another way of increasing the number of your subscribers and spreading your Twitch channel’s name is by organizing contests. See to it that the reward is appealing to everyone. Conducting a contest is the best way to both raise your Twitch followers and strengthen your connection with your current loyal viewers.

Furthermore, a well-organized contest will entice your subscribers to share your channel with others, make it known to new and relevant viewers, reward your audience, and facilitate recognition of commitment among your Twitch followers. For starters, you can run a competition by using Gleam.

Twitch Contest

Furthermore, a well-organized contest will entice your subscribers to share your channel with others, make it known to new and relevant viewers, reward your audience, and facilitate recognition of commitment among your Twitch followers. For starters, you can run a competition by using Gleam.

Final thoughts

Another important thing to do is to have fun while doing this. When people see that you are enjoying it, then you are making them enjoy it too. This will give them an excitement to see you whenever you have a live stream, so make the most out of it and make an excellent streaming session to all. You can also use a Twitch viewer bot to get more viewers.

Hopefully, these five ways can help you gain more views and followers on Twitch. The things you do on your Twitch channel, in streaming, in other streaming group chats, on your social media, and on relevant online forums are going to affect people’s perception and their responses about you. Handle your Twitch channel like a true entrepreneur, as if it’s a professional occupation so that you can achieve your goals and desires.

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